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    Online attendance tracker, calendar & grading application for homeschool parents. We are here to simplify your homeschooling record keeping.
    Also offered is a grocery shopping list, categorized by aisle to help make those trips a little easier.
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Homeschool Attendance, Scheduler and Gradekeeper

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  • Drag and drop subject onto calendar
  • Add assignment details
  • Make recurring events
  • Color coded subjects, easy to read
  • Monthly, weekly or daily views
Homeschool Calendar/Scheduler


Grade Keeper

  • Easy to use
  • Assign a portion of grade to tests, worksheets, projects, etc. for each subject
  • Add assignments
  • Transfer assignments automatically to the calendar
  • Print or view total grade per subject
  • Print or view grade detail by subject (each assignment)

Homeschool Records - gradekeeper

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