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    from the Home School Legal Defense Association feed

    Who Ya Gonna Call?

    Mon, 19 Aug 2019

    “When CPS showed up at the door … we knew right away to call HSLDA.”

    Oh Buoy: Brothers Score Swim Team Victory

    Mon, 19 Aug 2019

    A pair of homeschool athletes had their legal rights upheld when a high school sports appeal board ruled in their favor.

    Meetings Encourage Families to Resist Unlawful Demands

    Fri, 16 Aug 2019

    HSLDA’s Scott Woodruff traveled to Maine in order to help homeschool families resist unlawful demands from education officials.

    Education Officials Listen, Make Online Form Safer

    Tue, 6 Aug 2019

    Working closely with homeschool advocates, state education officials fixed their online form and reinstated a paper filing option in time for the August deadline.

    The School Rejected My Notice: What Now?

    Thu, 1 Aug 2019

    In Maine there is no such thing as a homeschool “application.”

    Baltimore City Withdraws Unlawful Demands

    Thu, 1 Aug 2019

    Education officials in Baltimore have agreed to stop telling families they need an “enrollment letter” before they can begin homeschooling.

    Fighting For a Homeschooled EMT’s Job Application

    Tue, 30 Jul 2019

    This young woman earned certificates in firefighting and emergency medical work. But a fire department said they couldn’t hire her because she was a homeschool graduate.

    Department Threatens Truancy Over Date of Birth, School Year

    Thu, 25 Jul 2019

    A document on the Maine Department of Education’s website tells local superintendents that families who do not supply all required information on their homeschool paperwork are truant.

    Update: What’s Wrong with the Department of Education Forms?

    Wed, 24 Jul 2019

    The Department of Education has rectified some problems on its homeschool forms, but important errors remain.

    “Educators for Maine” Loans and Loan Forgiveness Now Available to Homeschool Graduates

    Wed, 24 Jul 2019

    Home instruction graduates are now entitled to participate in the “Educators for Maine” program.

    Maryland’s “Observe Instruction” Rule Overthrown at Last

    Tue, 23 Jul 2019

    In a historic vote, this week the Maryland Board of Education abolished the country’s last rule permitting officials to observe homeschooling families while they learn.

    Do I Need to File Homeschool Paperwork if my Child is in an Online Private School?

    Tue, 23 Jul 2019

    A new law settles questions about the status of private school students who learn from home, but raises others.

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