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    Online attendance tracker, calendar & grading application for homeschool parents. We are here to simplify your homeschooling record keeping.
    Also offered is a grocery shopping list, categorized by aisle to help make those trips a little easier.
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    View the videotutorialon how to use this website and it's basic setup.

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  • "It is hard not to feel that there must be something very wrong with much of what we do in school if we feel the need to worry so much about what many people call 'motivation'. A child has no stronger desire than to make sense of the world to move freely in it to do the things that he sees bigger people doing."   John Holt

    Homeschool Attendance, Scheduler and Gradekeeper

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    • Drag and drop subject onto calendar
    • Add assignment details
    • Make recurring events
    • Color coded subjects, easy to read
    • Monthly, weekly or daily views


    Grade Keeper

    • Easy to use
    • Assign a portion of grade to tests, worksheets, projects, etc. for each subject
    • Add assignments
    • Transfer assignments automatically to the calendar
    • Print or view total grade per subject
    • Print or view grade detail by subject (each assignment)

    Snapshot of gradekeeper

    Try it out now!

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